Wednesday, September 24, 2008

missing friends...

Our Friends Aaron, Sara, and Lukey have been gone since the beginning of August on debutation (basically a 3.5 month road trip). We miss them SO much. Sara and I always had coffee once a week and had girl talk and I miss that so much. Luke and Aaron always had boy time and working on cars and stuff that I dont know anything about. And Lukey is the cutest kid ever! So we miss them terribly. Yesterday they sent me a text of their view overlooking the ocean in san diego.Here is her picture:

So I sent a picture to them of the view out our back porch. Quite a contrast, huh? They're eating sushi by the beach and were eating yummy Luke concoctions while watching sister act in the mountains. I think its time for them to come home!

In other news, works been CraZy!

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