Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A great birthday celebration

Luke had a great birthday yesterday! He got cards from his boss & coworker, giftcards, gifts, lots of phone calls and texts, and gifts from his dad and Okey. We had dinner with Okey, Bob, and the Hamptons last night. It was a lot of fun. MacKenzie River Pizza is the perfect place for birthday dinners. The best, however, was lukes gift from his boss' son Brayton. Brayton is starting kindergarten today, and he picked out a Transformers card and a Transformers block thing for Luke. Apparently he was REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to give Luke his gift. It was this little square that looks like the square thing they put into the transformers at the end of the movie. Its kind of like a puzzle piece. But anyways, it morphs into all these pictures of the transformers. Its pretty fun to play with actually. Its 8 little boxes that are hooked to gether in strategic ways so you just fold and unfold until you get something new. I dont know how to explain this better. And Bob gave luke some ties that had belonged to Luke's grandfather. It was a fun night. And now Luke and I are the same age for about a month, after which I will resume my cougar status.


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