Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in the....Seattle Airport?!?!??

Hello dear and faithful readers. You may remember us posting about a month ago about our airport adventures on the way to Alaska (and home). Well, here we are again. Yesterday at 4:30 my dad called with extra tickets to the Eagles concert tonight in Chicago and said if we can get here, they're ours. Well, turns out my Mom had enough miles to fly us. So here we are, in the Seattle airport, waiting for our (Delayed, big suprise) flight to Chicago. Its quite exciting. We get in to Chicago at 5:40 and the concert is at 8, and then we fly home tomorrow mid-afternoon. Its a quick trip, but its fun to be spontaneous. When else will I ever have the opportunity to do this, ever again? Luke and I convinced our bosses to let us have the time off. We have the best bosses ever! Shout-out to Elizabeth, Jurgen & Jeremy. Its so exciting. And crazy! We promise to take some pictures to post.

love you!

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Liz said...

Dang! You two are some crazy kids! Have fun! :-) love you!