Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheffing it Up!

So, my husband is pretty much an AMAZING cook. But he doesn't believe me when I tell him. Last night he whipped up this yummy mexican fiesta. He browned hamburger and added taco seasoning, then added that to Mac & Cheese and put in some diced tomatoes and sliced olives. It sounds interesting, but it was REALLY good. I told him he should write down the recipe so we could have it again. Seriously, he's such a good cook. He always knows how to season things and how to take something and make it something totally different and tasty. He does amazing things with leftovers, which is good because I am not much of a leftovers person.He really should cook every night because he is so good at it. I wouldn't even think to add taco seasoned meat to mac & cheese. Maybe plain hamburger, but not seasoning. And I wouldn't have thought to add the tomatoes and olives. He is Pure Genius!

Also, last night was my first night of the new ladies bible study. There are like 16+ people in my "small group" but there are lots of new faces and young people. Its going to be a blast.

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