Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yucky day...

According to my computer, it is 53 degrees and cloudy in Bozeman. According to my work parking lot, its been raining off and on today. Its such a blah day. I just want to be at home taking a nap. We were quite busy last night with the relatives and then were up early (5:30) for a meeting. Im getting to where I will need toothpicks to prop open my eyes. But I still have two and a half hours of work and a babysitting adventure to look forward to. Good thing I'm having a good hair day! Its a little glimmer of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day. And I missed my gym time because they have the water turned off to fix a pipe and trust me, nobody wants me to workout and then not have a shower;)

Also, we were invited to the 1st annual Head Start Fundraising Gala scheduled for 10-30-08. Our good friend Christel is the coordinator. It looks like a fabulous event. I am donating a massage or two to be auctioned off to help save a child's education. Tickets are $30 for individuals, $50 for couples, and a table sponsor (8 seats) is $200. Let me know if you're interested. Its a great cause.

PS- My pie was delish! I made Luke take a picture of me with the pie, so I'll post it later.

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Sam and Jules said...

I wish it was 53 and cloudy here in Vegas, it's waaaaaay too hot! Glad to hear the doc went well. YAY