Monday, September 15, 2008

Great weekend...

Hello. Ive been slacking and not posting lately. I want to post some pictures, but my computer at home doesn't have internet so I'm always waiting for luke to bring his home. I think he should just let me use his old one permanently, but it tends to get left at the office. I have a picture of the relatives and my pie to post. :)

We had a great weekend. Friday I got a massage :) yay! and then we went to Jon & Christine's for a teen event. Were going to teach the junior high kids at church. We had our first day yesterday and it went well. The kids are really excited. And were excited too. Anyways, we played games and ate and stuff on Friday night. Saturday luke did homework and I took a nap and we had Christel & Kevin over for dinner. They are going to have a baby in May! We are so excited for them. Christel said she wanted a friend to be pregnant with and she thought of me first. Um, not this time. We told her maybe on their second kid we can be pregnant together. We have so much fun with them. We dont even have to be doing anything, we just always have lots to talk about.

My tomatoes are growing like weeds! I had two tomatoes all summer and now that its fall they are just growing like crazy. go figure!There are two big ones that haven't grown in like a month and are still green, and then the other plant (the one I thought would die) has probably a dozen little green ones growing. I hope they actually turn red so we can eat them.

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TB said...

Found it - finally unpacked your blog address!!! We arrived safely home on Sat PM after 2,900 miles! Can't tell you how great it was to finally meet you and see Luke, Vickie and Bob again!!! It was a delicious first for me - rhubarb pie!!! Keep taking care of each other! Stay warm! Until we meet again (possibly Wichita?), God Bless! TB