Friday, September 19, 2008

A great day starts with a great morning

Who knew that getting up early could merit productivity?? I had renewed my car's license plates and been to the bank by 8:15. Whoa! I'm going to have to get up before 7 more often!

After my uber productivity, my friend Christel brought coffee to my office for me and we had a little girl time before she went to work. SO fun! I <3 Christel! Her and luke were good friends in college and now we hang out as couples a lot. Christel and I are going to start hanging out more because we both need more girlfriends. She's a ton of fun. Were already making plans for an outing for MSU's homecoming. (Luke, don't forget to get tickets!)

Last night was a One Tree Hill marathon at the Frazier household. It's our new addiction now that Secret Life is done for the season. Except I cry at almost every episode. I'm such a girl sometimes. I get it from my mom.

This afternoon I'm headed to Billings to hear Beth Moore speak with some other ladies. Im going to stay at Lizzies house (yay!) and will be back tomorrow afternoon. Luke is having guy time with Chet & his boys.

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