Friday, July 18, 2008

the FAIR

We are planning on going to the fair tonight (contingent on how I feel after my dr. appt) with our friends Christel & Kevin. In my roughly 7 years in Bozeman I have never been to the Gallatin County Fair. I haven't even been to the Sanders County Fair since 2000. I can't believe you have to pay to get in to the fair here. That seems ridiculous (I also can't believe how much you pay to get into the Sweet Pea Festival, but thats another story). Maybe Im just small town naive. The Sanders County Fair was always free. And you only had to pay like $1 or $2 to park. And most people parked outside the fairgrounds for free. Anyways...What do you do at the fair? Obviously there is lots of yummy, fattening, carolie laden foods to eat, and 4-H exhibits to look at, but what else do you do? Im not much of a ride person (mostly because of scary Carnies and dirty rides) and I dont know what else there is...
According to the website ( there is a petting zoo, clown, a rodeo queen pageant (I wonder if its too late to enter? you probably need a horse to be a rodeo queen though. and a cowbow hat. and some fancy sparkly shirt. and probably cowboy books. I only have a belt, so that probably eliminates my entry. Although, I would make an excellent rodeo queen.), music, and a blood drive. So maybe we'll just walk around and stuff our faces. I'll have to bring the camera with me.

Also, I think we might try to go to the library book sale tomorrow. Were suckers for books.

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Sam and Jules said...

That sounds fun, you'll have to take pictures! I went to the fair once in Bozeman and I just remember the awesome rides. You'll have to ride at least the farris'll be romantic with Luke by your side! Have fun!!!!!