Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wedding Season

It is the season/summer of weddings! Weve already been to three weddings this summer, plus a 50th anniversary party, and we have a wedding this weekend, three in august, one in september, and potentially one in december! We've been as far south as Dallas, TX and will be as far north as Anchorage, AK. We'll make it to Geraldine, MT and potentiallly Washington. This weekend is my boss' son's wedding. She has been so wired about this for a looonnnngggg time. Looking for the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry, the perfect shoes. Its cute. Last thursday I spent my day at her house wrapping gifts, wrapping napkins, and dusting. Earlier this week I made signs for Elizabeth's gopher to use when he picks people up at the airport and hotel. Thursday I will help her to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. It will be nice when the wedding is over and things get back to normal around here. The best part however, is that she finished her cookbook in order to give it to the bride at the shower. I have been typing recipes for this cookbook since November. Its been through three rounds of edits. You could say Im a bit sick of it. Yesterday I finished the final edit and then printed it, designed a cover, and today I brought them to be bound. ahhh, relief! Typing a recipe or two doesn't seem that daunting, but when you have over 150 pages, and some pages have more than one recipe per page, its a lot.

Heres the finished product. And you better believe I made myself a copy too!

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