Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Massage Office Dilemma

I found out today that my roomie for my massage office is getting rid of his office for financial reasons. Bummer. There is no way I'm going to find anywhere cheaper than $75 a month. Eek! I might have to move it back to the spare room at our house, which could be disastrous. We JUST cleaned it out. And we kind of need the space. Im enjoying our home office/storage/sewing room. hmmm. Maybe the new person to move in will cut me a similar deal. Right now I can't do massage because of my brilliant attempt at cutting a watermelon that left me with three stitches in my left thumb. Its healing nicely though, and in another week I'll be stitch free. Its mostly just sensitive. And at this point, massage is more of a hobby than a business. Summer is slow, but the economy is not helping. boo. Hopefully something will come up...I'll have to hit up all those sorority girls in the fall. :)

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