Monday, July 21, 2008

no fair!

Well, I was so excited about going to the fair and then after the flash flood storm/freak hail downpour we ended up forgoing it for MacRiver Pizza. Which is excellent, but a little disappointing because I was looking forward to fair food. Then we played Apples to Apples. And went to Perkins for dessert, where we had the most idiotic waiter on earth! we had to ask him for creamer for our coffee like three times and then he gave it to the table behind us. Then when Christel asked about the chipper dessert he told her, then goes "so did you want the malt, or the shake?"....."or the chipper?" He was definitely a piece of work. But I haven't laughed that hard is a loonnnggg time, so it was definitely worth it.

Friday afternoon I had my colposcopy, which is like a pap smear on steroids. Whenever I go in she's like oh, Im sure we'll just look at it and we probably won't have to do any biopsies. And everytime she has to do biopsies. This time she did 3 I think. And she said that she could definitely see some changes. I asked good changes or bad changes? She doesn't think its cancer, but it sounds like I'll have to have this procedure: Yay, that sounds like fun. My test results come back on Wednesday.

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Sam and Jules said...

I'll be thinking about you Kels xoxox. Big bummer about the fair! Ugh! You'll have to go next year.