Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hail Mary

We had TWO cRaZy intense hail storms yesterday. The first rain/hail storm happened at about 3 and caused major flooding in town. I could barely see the parking lot at work, as it was completely white, plus the rain was causing a serious river down towards Albertsons. Then we had a second crazy hail/rain storm at about 6:15/6:30, right after I got home. Was I worried about flooding? no. Was I worried about my car? no. I was worried about .... my tomatoes! I decided to try my thumb at gardening this year and planted two tomato plants in buckets. They have had a rough year with all the rain and snow and Friday's hail storm. Then yesterday's storm(s) were not good either. The hail pretty much stripped all the leaves and most the branches from the littler plant. Plus it cut off one of the two tomatoes that were actually growing on the stronger plant. Here is a picture of my two sad plants now, and of all the leaves that came off. I had to shovel hail out of the plants last night with a spatula. Sad! Hopefully they come through. I am really excited about my new gardening skills. And since summer is already half over, I dont know if replaning is really an option. But Im hoping that they are hearty. They've already survived snow and hail, so hopefully they can survive more hail.

PS- I am supposed to get my test results back today. Say a little prayer for me.

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