Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello out there...

Right now I am writing this to no one in particular, since it is only the first of many blog posts. Funny, too, since I used to work for a blogging company.

Weve been married now for just over 6 months and seem to be happier every day. Life is good. Last weekend Luke took me on a surprise romantic getaway to Billings where we had dinner with our friend Lizzie and then stayed in a fabulous hotel complete with fre and a jetted tub. The best part was that it was a gigantic surprise. I got home from work and he told me I had ten minutes to pack and he wouldn't tell me where we were going until we parked at the hotel. I did get an extra ten or fifteen minutes because I needed to shower, however. A long day of wedding prep and dusting at my bosses' house definitely called for a shower.

We spent the fourth at home, and then had a barbeque on the terrace at Luke's office building. They are on the third floor on the northeast corner of the building, so we had a spectacular view of the city fireworks display. It was a lot of fun. That will definitely be an annual event, unless we decide to be Pirates with my family/extended family in the Georgetown Lake 4th of July parade. This year they had a blast, but said next year will be even better and everyone needs to come up with their own pirate persona and costume.

More to come...

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