Monday, July 14, 2008

Long weekend...

Well, we had a pretty quiet, uneventful weekend. I was sick for most of it - whatever I have is kicking my butt! Mostly just tired and nauseous though. Today Im back at work though and hopefully I can kick this soon. We watched a lot of movies this weekend, and heres a recap:
Stop-Loss - a war movie with ryan phillipe and the step up guy. Actually good. Im not one for war movies but I liked it.
PS - I love you, Good, but I cried the WHOLE movie. Normally I just cry at little parts, but this one I cried the whole time. Luckily, luke was asleep so he couldn't make fun of me.
The Walker - with Woody from cheers. Pretty dumb. Kind of weird and dark. I wouldn't recommend it.
The American President - one of our faves! Always a good flick. :)
Picture This - new Ashley Tisdale/abc family flick. Typical high school flick. Kind of cute.
It seems like maybe we watched another movie, but I can't think of which one.


Sam and Jules said...

Hi kels,
you're probably pregnant, that's exactly how I felt the first few months....super tired and way yucky. Let me know!! haha. Sounds like a good bunch of movies. We watched Lean on Me this weekend. It's an oldie but way good. If you haven't watched it, i totally recommend it. I hope you're feeling better :)

Luke & Kelsie Frazier said...

Ahh! dont say that! Im not ready!!!! I think its some weird virus that just extra hard on me. I have a gyno appt this week so Im sure they'd tell me then anyways.