Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not a fan of sun

I think the sun is abnormally strong this year. I have already been sunburt and have spent virtually no time in the sun besides walking from my car to my office/gym/wal-mart/whatever. Take today. I just did a little errand for my boss. I walked the 20 feet to my car, drove across town, walked across the street, up to a guys porch, back to my car, drove back, and walked the 20 feet to my office. And I am SUNBURT!!! Seriously my arms are all pink and red. I dont think I was outside for more than like 3 minutes. On the one day I forgot to put on sunblock. boo. Im going to have a farmer tan for the wedding this weekend. And my finger joints are already stiffening up. Today is just the longest day...

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