Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday morning my mom called and she was coming through Bozeman so me, Luke, my brother Scott, and my cousin Michael all met her for lunch. It was soo nice. Its always good to see the parentals, and it was good to see Scott and Mike too. You'd think that since my brothers and I all live within a mile of eachother that we'd see eachother on a semi-regular basis. Not so much. I only see Scott when he mows the lawn at work, and I only see mark when he needs something from me. Or when we all get together with my parents. We ate at WeeBees, the new restaurant by the ridge. It was pretty good. Kind of healthy gourmet. A wee bit on the expensivo side, but it was good. And it was a nice atmosphere. We had a lot of fun laughing about Scott and Michael's river float with Michael's parents and their crew. Apparently there was a dress up day on the river. Michael & Scott and their friend Woody dressed up white trash. My aunt dressed like britney spears, my uncle like zz top, my cousin matt at elvis, and my cousin healy as something I can't remember at this moment. There were even float trip T-Shirts, and an award ceremony. Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun. But if you know my aunt, this is her to a T. I want to be like that someday. I'm always a fan of dressing up.

I still haven't heard on my test results. Hopefully today.

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